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“We have recommended Acceleration Physical Therapy for the rehabilitation of our patients for many years.  They have always demonstrated an enormous capacity for thorough and compassionate care.  Our patients have always been seen promptly, and patients report always appreciating the good care that they receive.  We recommend them highly and without any reservations.”
-Olson Pediatrics Providers, Spokane WA

“I trust Dave and Beth to provide quality physical therapy for pre- and post-surgical patients”
-Dr. C.J. Lang
Orthopedic Surgeon, Spokane Orthopedics

Physical Therapist Spokane
“They are friendly helpful and they are good at what they do.  Thanks for making me better!”
-patient survey

“This has been the best rehab experience that I have had.  Over the years, I have been to quite a few.   I would rate them #1.  They were all so helpful and kind.”
-patient survey

“They have given me my life back through strengthening and restoring the movement of my arm, back, and body.  Thank you!”
-patient survey
Spine Physical Therapy Spokane
“I was a welcome participant in the process and planning, not preached at, always encouraged.  My emotional progress seemed as important as my physical process.  Thanks so much!”
-patient survey
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Physical Therapy Spokane
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