Cervical Spine Strain-
whether from a motor vehicle accident or any other mechanism of injury, straining the joints between your cervical vertebrae can put you on the sidelines.  We have worked with cervical spine disc herniation, facet joint arthritis, as well as muscle or ligament strains.  Our cervical fusion surgery protocol focuses on improving motion at the vertebra above and below the surgery while protecting the surgical site. 
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Acceleration Physical Therapy Spokane, WA
Acceleration Physical Therapy Spokane, WA
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Injuries Treated
We provide services to the region near Spokane. Physical therapy will help with injuries received through motor vehicle accidents, at-work accidents, and more. We specialize in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. 

Post Surgical Rehabilitation - There are many types of cervical/lumbar spine, foot, elbow, knee, shoulder, and hip surgeries that require range of motion and strengthening exercises after surgical intervention.  We work closely with many of the Spokane orthopedic surgeons to ensure the integrity of your repair throughout the protocol.  Please contact our office if you have questions about rehabilitation after your specific surgery.
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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Car Accident Injury
 Vestibular Rehabilitation-
Inner ear dysfunction can cause severe balance difficulties and dizziness.  Beth is our vestibular rehabilitation expert, especially in cases of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

work related injuries
ACL reconstruction
Arthroscopic Surgery
Shoulder X-Ray
patellofemoral pain syndrome
balance and Vestibular dysfunction
low back and pelvis pain
pediatric strains
whiplash physical therapy
Work Related Injuries - Management of work related injuries requires good relationships with Spokane physicians, L&I claims managers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and other healthcare providers.  Acceleration Physical Therapy has specific treatments and protocols for getting you back to work in an appropriate timeframe.  Whether you strained your back lifting a client in a nursing home or sprained your shoulder from repetitive overhead work as a carpenter, we have the manual therapy skills to get you back to the job.  Because 
Motor Vehicle Accidents-
Strains from motor vehicle accidents are typically more complex and require greater specificity of manual treatment than average injuries.  We have designed protocols that include precise mobilization techniques based on up to date continuing education and years of clinical experience. Our functional home exercise programs target the specific restriction and instability that generalized exercise programs neglect.  Acceleration Physical Therapy in Spokane, WA has the knowledge, facilities, and drive to decrease your symptoms faster. 
ACL Reconstruction Surgery-
After your ACL reconstruction surgery, your surgeon will send you to physical therapy based on his or her protocol.  We specialize in early motion and gentle weight bearing exercises in the early phases of ACL surgery recovery, moving through heavier loading exercises as the ACL graft and knee tolerate more loading.
Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery-
Typically, surgical protocols call for the arm to be in a sling for six weeks, but most doctors like to have their patients perform gentle range of motion exercise so that the shoulder does not stiffen up and become a “frozen shoulder.”  When the sling is no longer needed, there is a tremendous amount of strengthening to be done.  We will listen to your shoulder symptoms to determine when you are ready to progress to the next stage of strengthening.  
Strains/Sprains/Over-Use Injuries-
We treat any and all types of tendonitis and bursitis at the shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, and ankle with a combination of certified manual therapy and functional exercise. We use electrical stimulation and ultrasound to help with your pain, and then work to restore your motion and strength.  We use specific manual techniques to not only relieve the symptoms in your painful joint, but to correct the issues that caused your 
Lumbar Spine Strain-
The most common injury in the US, about 50% of our clients are being treated for low back pain.  Whether from a lumbar disc herniation, sacroiliac joint instability, or sciatica, we have developed customized treatment to address your lumbar pain.  After you begin to move more freely, the long term solution for your low back pain is an individualized dynamic functional strengthening program.
Pediatric Strains/Sprains-
We work with many patients age 6-18 with musculoskeletal pain such as ankle sprains, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries, and post surgical rehabilitation.  We enjoy working with kids because they keep us young.  We have relationships with many of the Spokane pediatric physicians.  
many professions require  a certain level of fitness to return, we offer work conditioning programs that focus on job specific strength and endurance.
pain in the first place.  This treatment strategy makes it much less likely for your symptoms to reoccur because it addresses the root cause of your pain.
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