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Car Accident Injury Rehabilitation

On average, you will be involved in a motor vehicle accident every seven years. Patients who receive treatment from Acceleration Physical Therapy have the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

Neck and back injuries from motor vehicle accidents are typically more complex and require greater specificity of manual treatment than average injuries.  If you have been treating for months without improvement, now is the time to change course.

We have designed protocols that include precise mobilization techniques based on up to date continuing education and years of clinical experience. Our functional home exercise programs target the specific restriction and instability that generalized exercise programs neglect.  Acceleration Physical Therapy has the knowledge, facilities, and drive to  get you better, faster. 

There is a window of opportunity after a car accident to regain full pain free function.  The longer you wait to begin the process, the longer it takes.  Resolving motion restriction, improving dynamic stability, and creating pain free function can be achieved when your specific biomechanical dysfunction is addressed.  Call today for an appointment.  We take all insurance, and work with many attorneys to hold bills until your case is resolved if need be.   

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