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Neck and shoulder pain

by Acceleration Physical Therapy Staff on 10/04/13

Are you experiencing neck and shoulder pain more and more frequently? Are you having your sleep disrupted as well as difficulty doing some activities due to pain without any onset of injury? Then you are probably one of the many experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain likely associated with your
posture, alignment and the type of activities you are doing over a period of possibly years. This chronic problem will not go away on its own. It requires intervention. Prevention is ideal which requires you talk to your doctor to rule out any serious soft tissue injuries that will require surgery. Most often people
commonly wait to see the doctor when they are experiencing continuous pain and then an event or time usually results in a soft tissue injury that will require surgery, time off of work and a whole change to what kinds of activities you can do. How did you get this way? As there are various factors, we know that
time, age, gravity and activities or lack thereof take their toll on our bodies. Our spine starts to lose its natural curve as our head and shoulders begin to fall forward. This results in decreased spinal mobility reducing proper neck and shoulder mobility, thus causing you to use improper body mechanics due to
poor posture and eventually creating soft tissue injuries in the shoulders. Most people do not address these ongoing issues that most of us on the planet will face at some point in our lives before it is too late and something surgical is required. How we can change this is through awareness. Learning to take care
of ourselves better by addressing chronic pain before it turns into more visits to the doctor, the surgeon and eventually the physical therapist. If we could reverse this issue we would visit our doctor then see our physical therapist to correct any issues before they turn into bigger ones.

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