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Mountain Biking on Mt. Spokane= Epic Ride

by Acceleration Physical Therapy Staff on 07/09/11

Mountain biking is one of my favorite exercise options in the summer months.  Spokane is blessed with numerous trails for all levels.  Some friends and I rode Mt. Spokane today, and I would say that it has the best trails in the area.  We started on Trail 110, just above the Bear Creek Lodge.  The trail is quite steep, and made for a difficult climb with quite a bit of hike a bike.  We ended up at what someone we met called the CCC camp and took the road to the summit.  There was still snow on top, so we ended up taking the road down for a couple of switch backs until we hit the trail.  There were quite a few logs across the trail, and quite a bit of mud on the fairly technical downhill.  We tapped into road 100 around the level of the saddle between Kit Carson and Mt. Spokane for one of the best flowing downhill rides ever.  There are some tight switchbacks and large roots, but for the mostpart it is a really fast and winding trail.  We ended up taking a bit of a side trip to 115, which had some interesting jumps and some technical sections.  All in all, this was quite literally one of the best rides ever, and I highly encourage you to check it out.  Hat tip to Chad Bailey for being the tour guide, and yes, you were right to go left instead of right.  I know, I owe you a Fat Tire.

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